Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tuesday 13 December 2005

Well its been a while since I updated my blog, so I thought I'd better do it. Still haven't downloaded any photos yet, but will one day, when I suss out what to do!!!!! A bit of a technophobe!!!! I have been busy with my knitting and crocheting over the last few weeks. I have managed to finish 2 pairs of socks and am nearly finished the third pair which is a pair of trainer socks for Ronan's christmas.

I have knitted and crocheted several scarves, but forgot to take photos of them and most have been unexpectedly sold, but thats an other story which I will come to. I crocheted a curly wurly scarf for my nieces xmas in torquoise and white sparkly yarn. She is 13 so I hope she likes it! I have also knitted a hat for Robert to wear to the rugby training/games on cold sunday afternoons and crocheted a scarf for me to wear while watching the rugby (when not coaching it). I have also knitted a black baby marino and cashmere scarf in the "branching out" pattern for my mums xmas, but this still has to be blocked, so better get my skates on if she's to get it on time!!! I posted 3 "New Fizz" scarves to my husbands nieces in Canada and US today so I hope they get them for xmas.
Getting back to the sale of my scarves. A few weeks ago a few of us at City Knitty (my local SnB group) were invited to do a knitting workshop at our local IKEA. We thought it would be a good idea to take along some examples of our work. Not expecting them to sell we had no prices thought up, so when people asked to buy them we had to think quickly on our feet, so alot of people got bargins that day!!. I was also commissioned by several staff at IKEA to knit for them. One was a scarf for an employees fathers xmas. I knitted a basket weave pattern, in navy blue for it.
I have also been busy making stitch markers since I was getting fed up using pieces of yarn, this is the first timeI have done anything like that and I was pleased with them.

I have also made a set to send to a friend in the US.
Oh well I think that is all for now as it is getting late and I need to get to bed!


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