Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Its a new year.

Well I can hardly believe that we are a third of the way into January already, where has the time gone?

Unfortunately I did not manage to get all my christmas knitting done in time, will have to start sooner this year. I still have a fluffy cardigan to knit for my friends 4 year old and a toy Llama for my husband made out of Llama fibres that a friend spun for me....I hear you ask, Why a Llama? Well David just loves the Llama song (http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/llama.php) and for a joke I was going to knit him one for part of his xmas. He might get it for fathers day from the kids! (but only if I get round to doing it, or maybe next xmas!). The items that I did manage to finish for xmas were a cashmere and baby merino scarf in "branching out" pattern for my mother, a pair of trainer socks for my older son, Ronan who is 9. He thinks they are great and really keep his feet warm. I also knitted a pair of socks for an other friend and she just loves them too. She had them on with her big boots when she went out on New Years Eve and said that the warmest bit about her body was her feet. I also knitted 3 New Fizz scarves to send off to relatives in Alabama and 15 "Funky Fur" scarves for various friends and relatives.
I crocheted a curly wurly scarf in torquoise and white for my niece, and in her words it was "mega cool", so I take it she liked it!!!!

Speaking of christmas I recieved some great knitty stuff. I got a carved wooden nostepin and a carved wooden tapestry needle holder and a drop spindle starter kit which includes roving, all I have to do is learn to use it. I am looking forward to doing that as one of my friends has said that she will teach me....I only hope she has a lot of patience.

What have I managed to knit so far this year, actually concidering it is only the 9th, I have done quite a lot really. I have finished a pair of trainer socks for myself, a sweater for my younger son, Robert who is 6.

It was knitted in Sirdar Denim Ultra which was done on 10mm needles and only took a couple of days. It has already been in the wash twice so I suppose that speaks for its self, concidering he has always refused to wear a handknitted garment since he was able to say NO! I have also done a sweater for Ronan made from the same yarn and pattern just 2 sizes bigger. It is done only have the ends to sew in....yeuch! I am currently knitting something for ME. I am knitting Faroese Shawl called Stora Dimun from "Folk Shawls" by Cheryl Oberle. I am knitting it it Noro Silk Garden, colourway 232. I just love the way it is turning out and can't wait to finish it and actually wear it. I had originally bought the yarn to do a jacket or sweater for me but after buying it, it "spoke to me" and said it wanted to be a shawl and who am I to disagree with the yarn......


Blogger Maryann said...

Llama llama duck!

Heya Shonze!


6:01 pm  
Blogger spinndiva said...

Llama in a car alarm a?
love the shawl !!!

6:10 pm  

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