Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I've done it.....up loaded a photo to my blog

I've finally managed to do it, thanks to my friends hubby who fixed the soft wear in the computer so I could use it.

This is Ronan and Robert and this photo was taken on Sunday 22nd January 2006 when both won their respective "Player of the week" trophies at rugby. Ronan plays for the Primary 5's (age 9-10) and Robert plays for the Primary 3's (age 6-7), even if he is only in Primary 2!

This was the first time both had won the trophies on the same week. Had to take it when we got home, because I forgot to take the camera with me to the game!

I have now edited some of the previous posts to include pictures....so please re visit these posts to see some WIP's and FO's.


Blogger spinndiva said...

very handsome boys those two!
And I have been looking at the FO's too ! I love your stichmarkers...

5:12 pm  

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