Saturday, July 15, 2006

1st Knitty SP7 package

Wooooo hoooooo my first Knittyboard SP7 package has arrived, all the way from Dusseldorf, Germany. For some strange reason I thought it was coming from the USA, so it was a surprise when I saw it hadn't.

One not very exciting package, but boy did it hold some very exciting things.......
The kids were at home when it arrived, it being school holidays, so it was like Christmas....They both crowded round to see what goodies were hidden in the box! DH went out of the room muttering,something about, more b****y wool!!!!!

The kids were ecstatic coz right on the top was a huge bag of "Haribo" sweets......

Here you see one very happy little boy sitting on my bed with the big bag of sweets. I wouldn't allow them one till I'd taken pictures. He was the one that dragged the box through to the bedroom to take the pics. He is also holding a small toy footballer which also came in the package and once the bag of sweets was opened there was an other small toy. It was a car. We don't get small toys in the bags of "Haribo" in the UK so the kids were really pleased. Thank you SP for being very thoughtful and sending the toys for my boys.

OK so what else was in the package?.............

A sheep tea towel, which was wrapped round 6 balls of On Line Linie 60 yarn, in the most gorgeous blue colours and is 100% wool, so might land up being a felting project, black sheep keyring, 2 glass tea light holders with fish painted on them, box of 6 vanilla tea lights, bar of Lindt orange chocolate (mmmmmmmm yummy), and a ball of Trekking XXL sock yarn in blue tones.

There was also a very nice card with the package, but I forgot to take a picture of it......Sorry.

Here is a close up of the On Line yarn


one of the black sheep keyring................

Thank you "Lavender Goldfish", you rock!!!!!


Anonymous Lavender Goldfish said...

I'm so relieved you like what I've sent. The picture of the happy kid makes me happy in return. :)

7:58 am  

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