Wednesday, June 21, 2006

End of term entertainment

As it is coming to the end of the school year for the boys, there have been a few activities that parents have been invited along to.

Ronan's year had been studying Africa, so we were all invited along to try some African food, and watch the children perform African dance, drumming, singing and story telling. It was obvious when we entered the room that all the kids and teachers had been really busy. They had examples of African artifacts, including Ronan's teddy with the fur on its body being the south African flag.(Not exactly an artifact, but it did come from Africa 10 years ago, coz Ronan received it from my cousin when he was born!We called it Rand)There were lots of information boards with various facts and pictures that the kids had put together.

Here is Ronan (2nd from the left) and his friend Lewis, just about to perform a "war" dance. Notice the shields they had made!! They also performed the National Anthem in English, Afrikaans, and 2 other African languages. Every one really enjoyed themselves. To top it all off Ronan won the raffle prize which consisted of some African beans, maize, sweet potatoes, papaya, pineapple, tin of spicy vegetables and a bottle of South African wine.

Robert had his sports day a few weeks ago. It was a really nice day and the kids all seemed to have fun. Robert won all his races and here he is winning the flat race. They had several different races......bat and beanbag race(where they had to run balancing a bean bag on a small bat), hat, scarf and bag race(where they had to run a short distance, put on a hat, run, then put on a scarf, run, then pick up a bag), 2 hoop race (where they had 2 big hoops on the ground in front of them, they stood in one, then moved the other in front of it, stood into it and moved the other one in front, continuing to do this till they reached the finish line), sack race, flat race and assault course race (where they had to jump over or go under various things). Robert was really pleased that he had won all his races and I was a very proud mum too.

Robert is off to The Royal Highland Show at Ingliston, just outside Edinburgh with his class tomorrow, they have been raising money all year to allow them to do this. Because they are going as a school party, they will be escorted round the show by farming/environmental experts, who will be able to answer all their questions.

Next Wednesday Ronan and his class are taking the train into Edinburgh so they can walk The Royal Mile from The Castle sitting on its volcanic rock at the "top" of the mile, right down past St Giles Cathedral, John Knox's House and many other places of interest, till they reach The Palace of Holyrood House (the Queen's official residence in Edinburgh), the Scottish parliament and Dynamic Earth at the very bottom of the Royal Mile.

I just hope the weather stays nice for both their trips as it would be a nightmare in the rain.......but it is Scotland, so you never know!!!!!


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