Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm fed up!

Sorry guys I'm about to have a moan coz I'm really fed up.

Why am I fed up? Well last Friday my back went into spasm again causing me lots of pain and discomfort.

What was I doing to injure my back? I was at Robert's school sports day and to enable us to move around the field there was a fence to climb or go under. I decided the best course of action would be to go under.....WRONG decision, when I was half way through the fence, guess what..... My back went into spasm. After a while it eased off and I thought I was fine till I tried to get out of the car....NO way was that going to happen easily, so with hubby pulling and Robert pushing and me laughing/crying we finally managed!!!!! (Thankfully no pics of this maneuver!)

What have I been doing since? Since last Friday I have been confined to the house, on very strong painkillers and muscle relaxants prescribed by my doctor, so basically I've been "off my face on drugs" all week! So between sleeping for hours in the chair, watching day time T.V and knitting that's what my days have consisted off. I've had to rely on my good friends to pick the kids up from school coz I wasn't able to drive. However today I actually ventured out of the house for the first time and coz I hadn't taken my muscle relaxants I was able to drive for the first time in a week (even if I was uncomfortable and in pain). It was great just to get out and about and get some fresh air, being confined to the house is OK if its raining, but hell we've had some of the hottest weather this week!!!!

Upside to this (if there is one)I actually got some knitting done and there were even some FO's in there too, but as this was "secret" knitting I'm saying no more and will post pictures at a later date just incase my SP's come across my blog or maybe already read it......Who knows!

Downside and why I am really fed up tonight and not earlier in the week!! There is a mini section rugby coaches night out tomorrow night, and as I'm the only female coach I don't always go to the nights out, but some of the guys are moving on and this was our "leaving" night for them, so I thought I'd go along for an hour or so and have a few soft drinks with the guys. Hubby said this was OK, he'd watch the kids, so I said I'd meet them at about 7. He even suggested I ask one of the other coaches who has just come out of hospital if he wanted to go since I would have the car. All was fine till hubby got a phone call at 22.00 tonight.....Now he's playing in a tennis match, away from home and won't get home till about 23.00 so I HAVE to cancel my night out so he can play tennis. (After all he can't let the team down!!! Hell it isn't even the team he usually plays for, he played for them on Wednesday night!!!) I am one VERY unhappy, fed-up and angry bunny, to say the least. To top this off he announces that he forgot to tell me we are having one of Ronan's friends from Saturday lunch time for a sleep over, no problem with that......Except in the next breath he announces he's away playing tennis all Saturday afternoon too. Now I am refusing to communicate.....Yes this is petty on my part, but better to say nothing than to say something I might regret later.

Sorry about this guys, but I needed to off load this before I burst.........aaawwwwwwww.


Anonymous Marylyn said...

Oh Oh Oh I feel so stressed for you. What a bummer and a pain(literaly) You obviously deserved your night out after all your suffering. Hope some treat comes along soon. At least it sounds like you had a great weekend when you went camping but that must seem a long time ago

7:21 pm  
Blogger Rosie said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about the back pain but suspect that I might have got a bit violent with his tennis racket if I were in your shoes. (Plus then I'd have blamed it on the tablets). Here's to a better week.

10:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy cow, what a terrible week you've had! Maybe I'll have to get on the stick and send you a little something... Take care of yourself! Your Secret Pal

10:02 pm  

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