Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rockin' Robin!

You rock!!!!!!

This morning I received a package from Salem Virginia from my SP, but not MY spoiler but MY spoilee, Robin!

Since discovering who I was she had sent me a belated birthday pressie. She rocks!, she's a Rockin' Robin!!!

She sent me lots of Reese's peanut butter stuff, which after reading my blog, she knows I like! I think I have mentioned it once or twice in my ramblings before!!!!!! Had to take this picture as soon as I opened the package, coz I just knew they wouldn't last for long!

a beautiful large sheep brooch/pendant. This should count towards the "Sheep Challenge".

a magnetic bookmark, which states....."Friends are flowers in the garden of life" Boy how true is that?

a thank you card for being her spoiler (no pic of that) and a card with robins on it that plays "Rockin'Robin" when you open it.

As I said she ROCKS.

I'm not sure if I've said much about Robin in previous posts, mainly due to the secrecy of "Secret Pal". I first came into contact with Robin in May 2006 when I received a copy of her SP questionnaire, after reading it, I just knew we would be friends. We had so so much in common that at times it was downright spooky! After 100's of emails, ecards and recently "chatting" on knittyboard I know I have a good friend in Robin. We might be "new" friends in this life, but I just know we have been friends in at least one previous life! The miles between us mean nothing....We are "soul sisters".

Thank you Robin for the birthday package and for being my friend.......As I've already said in this post....YOU ROCK!


Blogger Robin said...

I'M SO GLAD IT ARRIVED...only a week late! I was so worried that the chocolate would melt in that 'bubble' bag.
Happy Belated Birthday!

3:04 pm  

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