Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Little sox and much much more

Little sox to send to Germany, there were the first ones which I knitted....little baby sox made from the odd bits left from knitting adult sox. These are made from the Opal sock yarn I had left after knitting socks for myself. You can find out why I have been knitting little sox here

When I looked at the remnants of my sock yarn I decided that I didn't really have any "girlie" sock yarn so I went out to my local yarn store and bought some yarn, it isn't actually sock yarn but it does have cotton, wool and nylon in it so I thought it would be just fine to keep little girls feet cozy. There are three pairs of pink and white and three pairs of lilac, pink and white.

Here is what I have been busy knitting over the last few days. TEDDIES....... One for a friends grand-daughter and the other for a friend of my son Ronan who will be celebrating her 10th birthday next month. They were knitted from a pattern in this months "Simply Knitting". Great for using up odd balls of mohair that were lurking in my stash and I really didn't know what to do with them.

I have been meaning to post pictures of this now for the last few days, but I just don't seem to have had the time, but I have now!!!!!

About a week ago I received my second package from my Knittyboard Secret Pal 6..........ooooooh and it was all soft and squishy.

I just love surprises and boy did I like this one!!!!!

Inside there was four bags filled with roving in lovely shades of blues and purples, there was also a bag with firestar hand-dyed roving, one was purple and the other was pink and gold. I just have to get out the drop spindle and start practicing so I can use all this lovely roving.

There was also a packet of my favourite candy from the USA.....Reeses's Peanut-butter Cups...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy!!!!

There was also a really nice card sending me best wishes, which I still have sitting up in my lounge and last but not least there was some post-its in the shape of an "S" which I really love, coz I can make my notes more personal.

Thank you very much Secret Pal.....You are a star.


Blogger Secret Pal said...

I am glad it arrived safely - I was checking your blog every day :-)

Now, go get the spindle and practice!

9:57 pm  
Blogger Spinningfishwife said...

I keep telling you I`ll teach you to spin anytime, wheel or spindle.......roll on the summer afternoons at Prestongrange!

1:08 pm  

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