Thursday, March 09, 2006

Surprise package!

I recieved a surprise package from my "mellow secret pal" today.....except now she is no longer a secret.......I know who she is, she is Becca from Cunnecticut.

In this package were some wonderful peanut and chocolate goodies and a cadbury's cream egg, which were demolished before I remembered to take the photo!!!!!!!!! Also in this package was a Cunnecticut postcard, note card, post-its, "flower" lollies, a sheep "pez" dispensor, pen, various other peanut and chocolate goodies (yet to be demolished!!!!!, some chocolate bars, candy in the shape of a maple leaf, a small furry bunny rabbit and a "snoopy" card. I have enjoyed doing my first "secret pal" and I hope we will keep intouch. Thank you Becca.


Blogger BeccaU said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the packages! I had a lot of fun gathering items to send you! Have a super weekend!

1:09 pm  

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