Thursday, February 16, 2006

Today I feel REALLY old!

A few weeks ago I felt old because my youngest son Robert turned 7 years of age on the 29th January. It certainly does not seem that long since I was being rushed off to hospital in the back of an ambulance!!! How time flies when you are having fun, and I must admit Robert has brought a lot of fun to our lives. Basically he is a very shy boy, (except once he gets to know you), who does not like change and he refuses to do things till he decides its time.

Like riding his bike...for years he refused to go near a bike then out of the blue last summer he decided the time was right and within about 15-20 minutes, with the help of his grandfather, he was off. Robert is very concscientious and everything has to be done properly and he will not stop till he gets it right. He is a very sensitive, thoughtful and kind boy who is atune to peoples feelings round about him.

Over the school holidays last summer he started to go along to play Tag Rugby at Musselburgh Rugby Club. The first week he was really apprehensive, but after a few minutes it was like he had been playing it for years. Every Thursday evening over the summer he was ready ages before the rest of us, then when the rugby season started for real he couldn't wait. Now he is one of the main lynch pins in the P3 team. He is a joy to watch, he is a mature player who organises his team and keeps them right.

In this picture he is in one of the Corporate boxes at Murratfield Stadium in Edinburgh - the home of Scottish Rugby, and where Scotland beat France 20:16 on Sunday 5th February in the 6 Nations Tournament.

Today I feel really old because my oldest son, Ronan is 10 today. In fact as I write this, 10 years ago he would just be about 1 hour old and I would still be out of it after having had a general anaesthetic!He was 3 weeks early and only weighed 3lb 11oz. However to look at him today you wouldn't think that. he is full of energy, life, cheek and hormones! He got his first proper shop bought Valentine card and present there on Tuesday from a girl in his class. He was really made-up by this, and acted all coy about it. He's growing up....FAST, I don't know where the time has gone!

Ronan is a very loving boy who still comes and gives me huggs,(and will be completely motified that I have written this about him). However he is totally different in character from Robert. He is really laid back and most things go over his head because 90% of the time he is on "Planet Ronan"!!! Which is a slight improvement on a few years ago when it would have been 99.9%. Nevertheless he becomes absolutely focused if he has an interest in what he is doing.

Ronan is also very sporty, having achieved his red belt in judo, which he does at the sports centre on at Saturday morning. After that he will go swimming with his brother and some friends. On Sunday he plays rugby for Musselburgh Rugby Club P5 team. He has been involved with the club since he was in P3 and over the years has improved greatly and become focused on the game. He has now achieved a standard where he gets picked for the first team when playing matches.

Oh well I guess I had better get used to feeling old, because that is something I have NO control over!!!!!


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What gorgeous and absolutely fine sons you have, I can understand how proud of them you are. Long may it continue.

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