Thursday, August 31, 2006

Chasing dust bunnies.......

Yes, today I have been chasing dust bunnies around the house!


Well I decided I'd better do some housework before my BIL arrives at 09.50 am at Waverley Station Edinburgh on Saturday morning for a few days. He is visiting the family in Aberdeen and Montrose from Grant Alabama at the moment, and comes to see us at the weekend. We are really looking forward to his visit, the kids are both well excited coz they love visits from Uncle Jimmy. He works at NASA and usually brings T-shirts etc from there for the boys.

Now people who know me, know housework is not very high on gourdongirl's priority list.....In fact I find it THE most soul destroying task anyone could ask me to do....Well maybe cleaning the oven would be top, but only just, quickly followed by ironing. Yup you guessed it I ain't very domesticated!

However I can now see the coffee table and the kitchen table, so at least we will have somewhere to eat at the weekend! Now that things are kinda de-cluttered all I have to do is dust and vacuum all the rooms, clean the bathroom and kitchen and turn up at work for the next 2 days! Oh yes and do a BIG grocery shop, coz I've just been paid (I hope) and I need to stock up the cupboards for the month!

Hell I even cleaned the computer station, that took about 3 hours, just to go through all the paperwork piled up around the computer! Goodness knows how I was able to use the laptop, there was so much clutter round it!! I moved stuff around the work station too. The monitor for the "big" sick computer has been relegated to the top of the unit, coz at present we are not using it and I've moved the printer down so it can be used without nearly doing myself an injury every time I had to lift it down from the top of the unit and place it on a chair, which obstructed the hall....Much better and user friendly now!

Oh well since I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, or should I say today, I'd better go get some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Blogger Robin said...

YUCK...housework, not high on my priority list either (add this to the list of "things we have in common")! I give the house a good "lick and a promise" on the only get the good job when company comes!
I hope you have a nice visit with your brother, I should have asked if he needed someone to carry his luggage for him...I'd volunteer!

1:37 am  
Blogger Spinningfishwife said...

Why bother...BIL is a man, he`ll never notice as long as there`s beer and food in the house.

6:51 am  
Blogger Wye Sue said...

Well done on the clear up - I've still got a dining room table and most of the floor after a week - coffee table is begining to disappear.....

8:43 am  
Blogger Alison said...

Bill did a post-doc at Marshall! a very long time ago now, i believe, but it still lets me say, hey! small world!
now that N is in nursery 5 mornings a week, do i have to clean the toilet more often?

1:20 pm  
Anonymous Mazzam said...

I've gone all trembly at the thought of that much housework. I thought my oldest dearest friends were visiting on the 30th September and started wondering how many days to book off work for the cleaning thing but managed to delay it by suggesting we have a day out instead.(It's only delayed though)

6:04 pm  

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