Saturday, November 18, 2006

Happy Bunnies!

Today we decided to go and watch Musselburgh 1st XV play against Cambuslang in a Premiership League Division 3 game. When we got there the boys were asked if they would be ball boys coz this week there was only 1 and they need at least 4. Robert was totally made up coz this honour usually goes to the P7 team, so being asked to do it as a P4 was just brilliant for him. Ronan on the other hand wasn't so keen, but did it grudgingly. However at the end of the game they say they really enjoyed it and would be up for it again. Might have had something to do with the free food and juice they got as a reward!!!!! BTW Musselburgh won 32:14. This win takes them 4 point clear at the top of the League.

Ronan was a Happy Bunny last Sunday too, coz he won the "Player of the week" for all his hard work tackling during the training session. He must have been doing it right coz he was still complaining of sore shoulders on Wednesday!

On the other hand, Robert wasn't a Happy Bunny here, he was in "a mood" and trying to hide from me!!!! The light was out in their bedroom when I took this so he didn't realise I had caught him!

Tomorrow the kids have an away training game at Lasswade RFC in Mid Lothian. Its a 11.30 kick-off so we will have to organised and on the road early as we meet at the Rugby Club at 10.30!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Ronan! I take it Robert isn't a "morning person"?! Just like my Chase! Tell them I said "good luck" tomorrow! Let me know how it turns out!!

10:03 pm  
Blogger mmStyle said...

Just stopped in to say hi. Looks like everyone is doing well there. As a clueless American, I don't understand the P4 and P7 references the way Ishould, but I can tell it is a good thing. Send me some lentil soup-I am sick of cold radish soup and gimchi!....kindding....sort of;P

10:46 pm  
Blogger mmStyle said...

Hey girl, I am celebrating thanksgiving tomorrow with friends, so your timing was perfect:)

2:36 pm  
Blogger spinndiva said...

Hello Shona! How are you? I don't catch you in chat anymore ! hope to talk to you soon I will try and come in late tomorrow ...Hope you are ok!
sending Hugs!

3:30 am  

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