Friday, November 10, 2006

Winter Warmers

Yes, it has begun to get a bit chilly here in dear old Scotland!!!!! Well we can't exactly complain, it is November and we did have a brilliant summer. It is getting dark earlier and earlier and yesterday morning I actually had to scrape the frost from the car before I could get home from work!!!!

This brings me nicely on to some "Wooly Winter Warmers" which have materialised over the past few weeks!

Here is a scarf I knitted for a friend who has just started university. She feels the cold something cronic, so I thought a nice fluffy cozy scarf would just be what she needed to keep her warm up in the "frozen north". She is in her first year at Aberdeen University.

I'm not too sure what its knitted from, but it is wool. It was some of the stuff I bought in a skein when I was at SKIPnorth earlier this year. Because the yarn is bouchel type yarn, I just knitted it in garter stitch.

Here is an other scarf. It is knitted in Twilleys of Stamford's Freedom Spirit yarn, in colourway, Fire. It is 100% wool and there is approx 120m per 50g ball. I used 2 balls to knit this short row scarf and 5mm needles. The pattern came from "Scarves - A knitter's dozen", which seems to really bring out the suttle changes in the yarns colour. I really like this scarf, but it is a Christmas pressie, so I'll just have to knit myself an other one, once all the Christmas knitting is done!

I am also busy knitting some "secret" holiday things, so you will have to wait to see/hear about them!!!!!

More "winter warmers", but not of the knitty kind!

Yup, its a huge pot of homemade lentil soup. The boys were at me last weekend to make soup, so I couldn't let them down!!!!!

The pot was full when I made it, this is what was left after the boys had eaten their fill at one sitting. I think they both had 3 bowls each! I'm not complaining, coz its good wholesome healthy food and its the only way I can get Robert to eat vegetables! The soup lasted for a few days and I think an other pot is on the "to do" list for this weekend! I can't make small pots of soup, only large ones!

To make the soup I filled the pot 3/4 way up with water and make stock from either ham stock cubes or ham joint, chopped carrots, chopped onion, red lentils, chopped potatoes, chopped turnip. (If I use stock cubes, I cut up some bacon to cook in the soup, if I use a ham joint I don't need to bother!). I only use pepper as the stock can be quite salty. I don't have a clue about quantities, I just throw it all in the pot! Cook till veg and lentils are soft. Some people like it left chunky, but I prefer to zap it in the blender to make it smooth. I have more hope of Robert eating it if it is zapped! Serve hot with crusty bread..........And enjoy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful scarves! You know that thing between us?! Guess what was on the menu tonight for dinner! Except I didn't make mine from scratch! You're better than I am!

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