Saturday, November 11, 2006

First game

Last night Robert played his first game of basketball for the East Lothian Peregrines Under 12's team at the local sports centre. He was really excited when he had to put on the team vest and shorts, unfortunately they were all for large boys and it absolutely drowned him, they were way too big. I had to fold over the waist several times coz the shorts came down to his ankles and as the vest came down to his knees, so I had to tuck it into the shorts!!!!!! He was really self conscious of this, but once the game started he forgot all about them being too big. He was well up for it and as one of the other parents said "he played a blinder"! Infact they all played well and actually managed to win their first game of the season. Duncan, Spinningfishwives son was also playing in the same team. Robert was well pleased at getting a game as he is only 7 and playing with and against older kids. He has only been playing for a few weeks and seems to have a good grasp of the game. (More than I can say for myself....I guess I'll need to start reading up on the rules!)

Ronan was also due to play his first game too, but unfortunately he was complaining of a sore head and didn't manage to play. He must have been feeling really poorly coz he refused to eat and had fallen asleep on the sofa by 7.30pm........this is NOT like him at all. He had invited Spinningfishwives son for a sleepover and was unable to take part in the things Robert and Duncan were doing. However they have an other game in a couple of weeks so he will get his debut game then!

No pix of the game or Robert in his kit coz East Lothian Council say you need to have special permission to take pix of kids in their buildings. Hopefully I will get permission and take pix in the future. I only really want pix of my own kids anyway, but when they are playing sport it is impossible not to get other kids in the pix.

On the rugby front, the boys were playing away at a very cold and windy Stirling County Rugby Club last Sunday. Ronan's team lost 1 and won 2. Ronan managed to scored 4 tries in the games he played. Unfortunately Robert's team lost all 3 games, but they all played really well. Robert also managed to score 4 tries. This week we have a training session at home before an other away game next week.


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