Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fortune Cookie!

Trust Robin to find something like this!

My Fortune Cookie told me:
Tomorrow will be an excellent day for putting Slinkies on an escalator.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

What havoc I could cause at the sales with slinkies on escalators? I wonder where the kids have hidden theirs?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to do mine twice...the first one was so horrible I don't even remember what it said!

Your's...HILARIOUS! I think it would be fun to try! I'll go buy us some slinkys!!

11:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got insulted by a real-life fortune cookie once. We got it from a Chinese place we used to order from in college. It read:
"Your greatest problem may be your own stupidity."

I'm not making this up. If I hadn't been sitting on the floor, I might have fallen off.

1:38 pm  
Anonymous mazzam said...

Wow that's great. They often come free with small children's magazines (slinkys, not fortune cookies)

6:30 pm  

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