Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Moments!

There have been some happy moments this month and there have been some not so happy ones. However gourdongirl is NOT going to dwell on the not so happy ones, only on the happy ones!

I actually managed to capture this happy moment, before it was lost forever!

The boys with David all cuddled up on Robert's bed.

Earlier this month Ronan became a member of the 5th Portobello, City of Edinburgh Cub Scout group. Where he goes every Wednesday night with Duncan, the son of Spinningfishwife.
Here he is, resplendent in his uniform, after the joining ceremony where he had to recite the cub scout promise. He really enjoys going there and is looking forward to the Dad's and son's camp next year. Don't know if Dad is !!!!!!!

An other happy moment for Ronan was when he managed to win the "Player of the week" at rugby, twice in three weeks. He has NEVER done that before, so he was really pleased, as we all were. He seems to be playing well at the moment and his coaches are pleased by his continued good performances. Long may they last!!!!

Future crafter? Here we find Robert weaving with paper at his school class open day about the Vikings. There was lots to see, do and buy.....Pictures of Viking ships, runes, Viking quizzes, "Viking" food, woven paper place mats, jewelry and much much more.

Several times during the year the children go to church and we were all there on Thursday morning, since that was the last day of school before the Xmas break.

This year it was a special one for gourdongirl and her family coz Robert was Joseph in the Nativity, which was done by his year. He only had one line to say, but had to stand up at the front of the church while the story was narrated and several carols were sung. I wasn't sure how he would cope coz he is really quite a shy boy. However Robert rose to the task and I must admit I had a BIG lump in my throat as I watched him from the balcony in the church!

(I apologise for the poor quality of the picture, but my flash doesn't seem to be strong enough to take pix in the church)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy moments...especially when the kids are younger! I remember those! I know you guys are going to have a VERY HAPPY Christmas!

3:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAY for happy moments...
they are the ones to remember and what keeps you going through the not so happy ones...
Hugs from me!
here is wishing you lots and lots of happy moments like the ones in your post and more for the new year!

5:54 am  
Anonymous mazzam said...

Your boys are really something to be proud and happy about. Very best wishes for Christmas.X

3:16 pm  

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