Monday, December 18, 2006

T'is the season to be........busy!

Sorry guys, but gourdongirl has been really busy working this past week so hasn't had time to blog or much else(except work)come to think about it! But as you can see, I did get the tree up!! (Well DH and the kids put it up while I slept!)Even had to take the kids Xmas pressies into work to wrap!!! However that was more for getting undisturbed time than anything else! Still have some pressies to wrap, but they are mostly BIG kid ones! The Xmas knitting is all done, just waiting to get pix taken before being wrapped so I can post about them.

The kids have had a few parties. Ronan had his school one last Monday and decided to have a "home dinner" that day so he could get dressed at home and "preen" in front of the mirror while he gelled his hair!!!!! (He's 10 for goodness sake!). Robert had his school party today and opted to have lunch at school and get changed there for his party, thank goodness he hasn't reached the preening stage yet! Both had the rugby club party last night and Santa arrived at the end laiden with lots of pressies. Ronan got a small table top snooker/pool game, which now graces the top of the coffee table!

Here they are before they start a game (or fight!)

Robert got a water powered car, which omits water from the exhaust! Yes well, guess what.....He hasn't played with it yet....Been too busy playing with Ronan's one!

I know I have been promising for a while, but my next post will be knitting orientated... Honest!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice to hear from you again! this is the season to be buissy allright!!!
Just in case I get the buissy's too badly and don't hae time to read: Happy holidays my dear!

6:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your tree looks great. I think it's so cute that your boys put there arms round each other when you take photos of them. It's even cuter when you don't have to see it turning into a headlock. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. x

9:48 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the Tree!
I can see it now...arms around each other one minute fighting the next!! Boys!!

2:55 am  

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