Thursday, June 04, 2009

Loose pounds to gain pounds!

Once again I am "on the wagon", the food wagon that is, since I don't drink alcohol at all! Yes gg is back on her healthy eating to help raise some cash for my local rugby club and The British Heart Foundation.

A couple of months ago, 5 of us at the rugby club decided that we would do a sponsored weight loss over the "closed season", so 4 weeks ago we all duly weighed in! We will be doing this from 4th May 2009 till 31st August 2009. The target I have set is 3 stone or 42lbs, so far after only 4 weeks I have managed to loose 21.5lbs, so I am half way there. If all goes well I might have to reassess my target!!!

Onwards and downwards!!!


Blogger Robin said...

THAT'S AWESOME!!! I'm over here cheering you on!!

3:15 pm  

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