Monday, May 11, 2009

"My boys" dun us proud!....week 2!

This is the winning team from last Saturdays Festival Shield.

Once again "My boys" dun us proud! A few months ago we were invited to take part in a 7s tournament. We have never played 7s before, so we weren't sure what it would involve, except we knew it would be hard and fast. 10 for "my boys" took up the challenge and went off yesterday to take part in the Tournament. They had only ever had 2 7s training sessions, and I must admit, when I watched them my heart was in my mouth, coz these sessions were the worst I had ever seen them do. This did not bode well. However these 10 strong young men "stood up to the plate" and proved to us all that they had grit and determination. There was some really big boys out there, but in true Musselburgh Team style they got stuck in. We had to play 5 games, oh boy they would be tired by the end of the day. They played 5 and WON 5, the only team to do so. They scored 31 tries and only concede 3. A great show of strength, team work and dogged determination won through in the end!!!!

This is the winning team before they were presented with their medals and a trophy.

Here is Ronan (on the right) with 2 of his team mates after getting presented with their medals and trophy. The trophy is now in "Pride of place" behind the bar in the rugby club.

Well done to the guys, they all put on a great performance today. Two wins in 8 days, is a great way to end the season and gives them the confidence they need to beat the two teams we meet next week when we go off on tour.


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