Thursday, February 16, 2006

Olympic Dilema

I have a dilema with my "Olympic shawl"......I don't like it. Yes I like the pattern and yes I like the yarn, but no I don't like them together. I don't think that the yarn is heavy enough to drape the way I want it what to do? That is the question. Do I stop now or do I keep going and hope that once it is finished and blocked that it will drape right, by then it will be way too late to start something new.

I could keep going and easily finish the shawl in the allotted time, or I could start something else and knit frantically in the time I have left?

Decisions, decisions? Oh well I think I will sleep on it and decide later.

It's now 12:40 and I have slept on it and decided just to finish the original shawl coz I feel starting something new now would just put far too much pressure on me to finish it and I do want to have some life over the next few days!!!!!


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