Monday, February 13, 2006

Here we go, here we go, here we go...................

This is my Olympic Knitting attempt, the Diamond shawl is coming along nicely. However I'm not too sure if the yarn is heavy enough to get the drape that I want, but only time will tell as far as thats concerned. It is growing quite quickly and as I would like it to be a big shawl that might be weight enough. I will post an update next week.

As are the pictures of my first "Mellow SP" package which arrived on 27th January 2006. The delay in posting was due to a problem with my photograpy, however it seems to have worked this time. I recieved a "Breast Cancer" band, a pack of "I LUV 2 BLOG" postits (can't read that as it hasn't come out on the picture) and a fridge magnet. Thank you to my Mellow SP spoiler.

I'd also like to thank my SP6 spoiler for my first package which arrived on the 10th February. Its very exciting getting all these lovely packages through the post. this one contained 2 balls of "Knit Picks" self patterning sock yarn in "Vineyard", 2 balls of "Sock it to me" sock yarn in lovely blues and white and best of all a bag of "Reese's" miniture peanut butter cups, guess what I had for breakfast that morning?............. Ronan is also a convert and I have to fight him off to get to them, they are so so so yummmmmmmmmmy.

Okay I suppose I have kept you all in the dark long enough as to what David (my hubby) and I look like. Well here are a couple of photos taken with the kids, which were taken last year when we went to visit Stirling for a weekend. They were taken at Stirling castle, which is one of the many castles in Scotland that we love to visit. David and I have a great love of history and the kids just love roaming round the old buildings pretending to be knights or whatever. Great fun was had by all. More pictures of out "historic adventures" might appear from time to time!!
[Please note that my hair colour has a tendancy to change often...Vanity and all that! :-) ]


Blogger Wye Sue said...

Gosh you are doing well...
Looking forward to Skipping North, do you want anything from Colinette - calling in to the millshop on my way north :-)

10:29 pm  
Blogger Carol said...

The shawl looks nice! As you know, as you add more rows the shawl will get heavier and will drape better. So, in answer to your question in, I'd say keep working on it. I think you'll be happy with the result.

2:21 pm  
Blogger spinndiva said...

ooooooooh I finally got qa face to put with your name... and a cute one at that!!

2:34 am  

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