Friday, April 21, 2006

Leg update

I have had several emails asking how the celulitis on my left leg is. Thankfully it seems to be improving, well it should be after 3 different lots of antibiotics and a course of diuretics to reduce the fluid which was gathering in my leg (and leaking out of the broken areas....yeuch!)

Having said that being confined to the house (and chair) this week with a back injury has meant that I have had limited movement so the leg has had plenty of rest!!!! So I suppose my back injury was a blessing in disguise! It has also meant that DH and the kids have been attending to my every whim..... Mmmmmmm wonder if I could make it last an other week?

A special mention and a BIG THANK YOU has to go to my good friend Isabella (Spinning Fishwife) who picked up my kids from school every day this week, without her my kids would have been abandoned and welfare would have been knocking my door!!!!!!

Ok so how did I hurt my back? Well I have a long standing on/off problem with lower back pain.......(can't have been a nurse for nearly 30 years and not have that!) Any way it happened last Sunday, when I twisted awkwardly getting up of the toilet (yes you can laugh...I would too if it didn't hurt so much!) Didn't seem too bad at the time, had the odd twinge when I moved, but realised just how bad it was when it took me over 3 hours to get out of bed on Monday morning! DH had to call the doctor out and he gave me an injection of pain medication and diazepam to relax the muscles in my lower back, still took a further 30 mins to get out of bed. Thankfully the kids were off school on Monday so there was no major hurry to get up. Basically I have spent the week sitting in a chair, "spaced out" on strong pain medication and Diazepam!!! I have not been to bed all week as I've been far to frightened to go incase I couldn't get up, so I've also been sleeping in the chair. Today I woke up and the pain seems less so I have not needed the diazepam or pain medication (so far). Things are looking up and if they keep going that way I might actually sleep in my bed for the first time in 5 nights.....bliss (I hope!) and all being well might manage to get out of the house tomorrow (we need a grocery shop!!!!!).

The up side of this is that thankfully my arms and hands weren't affected so I have done a power of often do we manage to get a whole 5 days to just sit and knit and not have to work, look after the family etc....a knitters dream!!!!

Pics of the FO's later as one is a pressie for Mr Spinning Fishwife's birthday!!!!


Blogger Spinningfishwife said...

Grocery shop?????? Send Mr Gourdongirl with a list and some taxi money. (Or I`ll go pick him up.) Save your energy for the party. ;-)

3:37 pm  
Anonymous Marylyn said...

Crikey, you poor thing. If you do shop, don't carry anything heavier than 1 ball of kidsilk. I do hope you are all mended soon but glad you could still enjoy some knitting. Millie was phoning white bear's mummy last wednesday on her toy phone,I just realised that's you!!!!!

5:57 pm  
Blogger peri said...

No shopping! Especially if your back is starting to feel better. Send the menfolk.

Seriously, though I do hope you're on the mend soon. (((gentle hug))).

11:00 am  
Blogger Alison said...

Aargh! you've been in the wars this week. i've had flu, but sheesh, you win the sympathy, hands down. and you can't be going to the supermarket! get it delivered. if you want, i've got an asda e-voucher for free delivery you can have, well, i have two, but i'm going to use one, it's time to stock up on vino and loo roll!

4:11 pm  

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