Thursday, June 01, 2006

Guess where I was last night?

My hubby and I (gosh I sound like The Queen when she starts her speech on Christmas day!!!!!) took the boys to Murrayfield to see Scotland play the Barbarians at rugby last night. Boy was it a great night, the sun shone, the atmosphere was amazing, the beer was cold and Scotland won. What more could one ask for?
Here is my ticket, which I will file away, along with the rest of the families tickets.

The match ball was "dropped" in via the Golden Lions Army Parachute team. There were 3 parachutists, one had the ball, one had a Saltire (Blue flag with white St Andrews cross)and the other had orange smoke from his feet! Here is the ball arriving with the South stand in the back ground. The stand looks quite empty, but it was still about 15 minutes before kick off so most would have still been making their way to their seats, coz it was full by kick off!

Here is Ronan, resplendent in the Saltire as a cloak, which he had cause to wave on a few occasions during the game. Ronan has been to several games at Murrayfield to see Scotland, and he has also played rugby on the "back pitches" in the shadow of the stadium.

However this was Roberts' first time watching a game at Murrayfield and boy was he excited. He actually saw some of his Scotland heroes close up. They are Scott Murray, Jason White, Dan Parks and Chris Paterson, they also play for Edinburgh Gunners. I think you can tell by Roberts face that he is enjoying the game!!!

It was a great game, with Scotland running in 9 tries and a penalty giving them 66 points to the Barbarians 19. Chris Paterson (Scotland No 14) racked up 31 points from 2 tries, 1 penalty and 9 conversions.
The other try scorers were Mike Blair (2), Andy Henderson (2), Marcus Di Rollo, Dougie Hall and Sam Pinder (on his debut game for Scotland too!)

OK that's the rugby, what else have I been up too.......... Well I've been busy shopping and knitting for my secret pals, so that's all I will say on that matter!

We are off camping tomorrow till Sunday with spinning Fishwife and her family, so I will post more about that next week. Till then have a fun weekend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest guys! What a fun day for you all... I think my 9 yr old would like rugby, but it's played hardly at all here in the States. Harumph..

11:40 am  
Blogger Rosie said...

Now I *know* I need glasses. I misread the ticket as saying "the librarians".

10:52 pm  

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