Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rugby Round-up

On Saturday the 20th May 2006 it was the last official "games" of the mini rugby season at Musselburgh Rugby Club. It was the kids v coaches fun day. This is where the coaches ALL dressup and we play some rugby against the kids. This year the coaches (me included) all dressed up as pirates. Thankfully, as far as I'm aware, there is no photographic evidence of me as a pirate! However due to my recent back injury I was not playing rugby, but I had the very important task of refereeing all the games! The kids won them all!!!!! We came on to the pitch to be confronted by about 60 kids with water guns and water bombs, before very long everyone was sopping wet, as we were "armed" too!!!! Unfortunately the sun didn't shine for us but at least it didn't rain, not that would have made much difference any way. We just about had time to all get dried out and fed before it was time to return for the disco and presentation at night.

Robert won the "Player of the year" for the Primary 3 age group (8years).

Here he is proudly holding his trophy and a rugby ball he recieved from his friend Connor who is leaving the mini section to go up to the midi section next season. Robert will miss him.

Although Robert plays for the Primary 3 group he is actually only 7 and in Primary 2, so this is a great achievement for him in his first season with the club.

He is a very focused young player who just loves to play rugby. In his teams last tournament at Preston Lodge on 14th May he actually scored 9 of the 23 tries that his team scored!! Making him the highest scorer of the year, infact he was the highest scorer before the game!! When he recieved the trophy all the players and coaches gave him a VERY loud cheer. WELL DONE ROBERT.
(Yes I'm a very proud mum, his dad and brother are proud too!!!!!)


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