Monday, May 29, 2006

Like buses........

Thats what my blogging is like........Nothing for 10 days or so then 6 entries in as many days!

So whats this one going to be about? Hmmmmm, I was tagged by Marylyn, my last SP spoilee, she can be found at, she posted about "What was in her knitting bag" then challenged me to do it too. So here goes.......

My knitting bag is actually a baby changing bag! I think it is great coz it has several compartments with inner pockets and outer zipped pocket and a side pocket where I keep my mobile and car keys. It came with a small black material bag and a clear flat plastic holder. It is quite large and totally amazed me with what I actually had in it. I also have 2 further clear plastic holders where I keep all sorts of stuff!!!!!

OK, what are the contents of my knitting bag?

2 Knitting magazines
3 clear plastic holders filled with stuff ( see later)
Colinette Muse pattern book
Lana grossa sox leaflet
"Knit Ponchos, Wraps and Scarves" by Jane Davis

Contents of both small plastic holders

In one holder you will find........
12 sets of circular needles, ranging from 2mm to 6.5mm and at various lengths. Some are Addi Tirbos and some are not.

In the other you will find.........Scissors, Tin with stitch markers, ruler, pencil, brass sheep needle gauge from one of my last SP's, pliers for making stitch markers, labels, wooden needle holder, folding scissors, an emery board and a tape measure (not in picture).

Contents of the flat plastic holder
3 cable needles
8 further crochet hooks, sizes 1.75mm to 7mm, some are bone, plastic or metal
(theese are kept in a hard white plastic box)
5 wooden crochet hooks, sizes 4mm to 9mm
4 stitch holders
2 stitch counters
3 sets of needle point protectors
4 sets wooden or bamboo dpns, sizes 2mm to 4mm
3 sets metal dpns, sizes 2mm to 3mm

WIPS and yarn
2 sock patterns, 1 for Yukon leaves and 1 for Opal yarn
1 Yukon leaves sock (knitted)
1 Yukon leaves sock WIP, knitted in Artists Fleece.
2 sets 3mm bamboo dpns
1 set of needle protectors
2 knitted phone sox
1 ball Lana Grossa 45% cotton,42% virgin wool, 13% polymide, in pinks and purples
1 ball Lana Grossa 80% Virgin wool, 20% polymide in blues and greys
1 skiene Colinette Lasso
several crocheted flowers for Aphrodite shawl
1 5mm crochet hook

You might have also noticed in the first picture that there are a pair of knitting needles sticking out of the bag, well that is a "secret" project for my SP, so there are no pictures of it at present.


Anonymous Marylyn said...

Impressive! Of course mine was so minimalist because it's new. The rest of my needles wouldn't bear showing. Also the side of my chair is a dump of plasic bags, magazines and what was once an artfully arranged basket of yarns, there I confessed!

3:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. I sure wish I'd seen this before I shipped your package. Something not exactly the same, but in the same family. Durn. You'll have fun anyway. your SP8

2:34 pm  

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