Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stitchmarker Swap

I've been involved in a stitchmarker swap on the knittyboards.

Here are some of the stitch markers I have made for the swap. Well there would be a picture or 2 if blogger would upload them, but for some reason this is not to be tonight. However I did manage to upload 1 picture on the stitchmarker swap blog, so you can see some of them there. I promise I will post the pics as soon as blogger allows.

I've really enjoyed making the 8 sets of stitch markers for the swap!!!!! All are different, some are made with glass beads, some with wooden, some plastic, some crystal and some a mixture of mediums!!!!!!! Some of the beads I bought in the Bombay Store in Bradford when I was at SKIPnorth earlier in the year.

Just imagine........I had a genuine excuse to go to my local bead shop. It is an amazing place and I can spend hours and lots of ££££ there too!


Anonymous Mazzam said...

My local bead store has moved to a much more convenient location. I spend time there and I don't really use beads much, I just think I do.

9:38 pm  

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