Sunday, September 03, 2006

and the BEST supporting.............

player is RONAN !!!.

Yes Ronan won the "best supporting player" trophy this week.

Todays rugby adventures!

It was raining quite heavily this morning as we left the clubhouse for our first away game of the season at Linlithgow. The team were travelling to the game on a bus (coach), while the parents travelled by car. Unfortunately the bus was unable to get under a low railway bridge just before you came to Linlithgow Rugby Club, so the kids had to all get off and walk down the road to the club. One good thing was that the rain had stopped. Believe me there were some unhappy kids and coaches when they finally arrived at their destination!

However the kids very quickly got stuck in to their games! Ronan's group of Primary 6's (age 9-10) did really well. They scored numerous tries and didn't concede any. I managed to watch all of Ronan's first game and some of his second one, and today he did seem to be "switched on"! He was tackling well and giving good support, hence the reason he won this weeks "Best Supporting" Player Trophy. He was really tired when he came off, coz this year the pitch size is double that of last season, so that means they have a much bigger area to cover to score a try or defend. I think I need to do some fitness training with him over the next few weeks/months!

Here he is with his trophy on return to the club after the match.

Robert was playing for the Primary 3's today coz we don't have a Primary 4 team, however they were playing a Primary 4 team from Linlithgow, coz they didn't have a Primary 3 team! Unfortunately they got beat 5 tries to 3 in both their games, but they played really well. Robert managed to score 2 tries, so he was really pleased.
I think they learned alot in todays game and rose to the new challenges that tackling brought. Yes, we had a few tears when there were bumps, but they just got up, dusted themselves down and got on with the job in hand.

Here is Robert on the recieving end of a tackle,

and here is Ronan (2nd from the right), along with Spinningfishwives son, Duncan (2nd from the left), waiting for the game to restart.

Their Uncle Jimmy (from the USA) was there watching today and he was impressed with how well all the boys (and girls) played.


Anonymous glittrgirl said...

Well done mini-gourdongirl boys! And glad to hear girls can play too!

9:57 am  
Blogger Robin said...

Your boys are fantastic! I'm glad they are being recognized for their performance on the field (I know there's another term for that).

11:34 am  

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