Thursday, September 07, 2006


I have had a few packages arrive in the last few days, a couple I was expecting and one I had totally forgotten about, so it came as a surprise when the mailman rang the bell yesterday and handed me a really heavy box addressed to Ronan, my oldest son. It wasn't his birthday and I hadn't ordered any thing for him and he hadn't entered any competitions that I remembered about, so basically I didn't have a clue. Nothing else for it, but to open it!

And this is what I found...............................................

3 copies of this book "A pocketful of Rhyme, Imagination for a new generation Scotland". Hell I'd forgotten all about this book. Ronan had come home from school months ago with a note saying that he had written a poem and his teacher had entered it into a poetry competition and his poem had been chosen, along with 36 others from his year at school to be included in this book. So here it was........and on page 99 I found his poem called FRIENDS. Here it is in all its glory!!!!

M y friend is Duncan
Y ou and me friends forever

F riends don't let you go
R unning to my house
I n my house we play
E nding up to play on my PS2
N ot a sweet left
D uncan and me.

(The Duncan in the poem is Spinningfishwives son!)

I was really proud of him when I read it. Not quite upto Robert Burns standards, but it might be in the genes, since we are out of the same gene pool as the Bard himself!

This is what I found in the other packages which arrived!

These beautiful stitch markers arrived the other week from "Batty". They are a silver coloured butterfly and so so delicate. I just love them

These really cute "KNIT" ones arrived yesterday all the way from SarahJanet in Edmonton Canada. She said on her note that this was her first attempt at making markers.......well SarahJanet I am impressed!

Thank you girls, that brings my total to 6 sets of stitch markers from the Knittyboard stitch marker swap.


Blogger Robin said...

Your boys are AMAZING! You certainly have a lot to be proud of.
I love the stitch markers!

12:46 pm  

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