Friday, September 08, 2006

Bob meets Flinty!

Well with Ronan being off on a sleepover at his friend Duncan's tonight, Bob was at a loose end, so I asked him what he wanted to do. He announced he wanted to go to watch the rugby at Murrayfield. The Edinburgh Gunners were playing Leinster, from Ireland in this seasons first home game of the Magners League, and as it was a nice night that's just what we did.

Bob was all excited coz it was the first time he had seen the Gunners "live" and only the second time he'd been at Murrayfield. Bob also likes to spend quality 1:1 time with me occasionally, so when he expressed he wanted to do something special....Why not? His 2 main rugby heroes, Chris Paterson and Scott Murray would be playing, so he was well pleased!

I wasn't sure how this game would go, after getting beat last week by the Ospreys, I thought it would be a close game and I wasn't really far wrong. However with just a minute gone in the game my heart was in my mouth when Leinster was awarded a penalty.....bang they were 3 nil up. However that appeared to be the kick in the butt that the Gunners needed to get their "act together" and get going. It was a fairly close game, but Edinburgh had most of the play. The final score was Gunners 20 : Leinster 14. Edinburgh had 2 penalties and 2 converted tries and Leinster had 3 penalties and 1 non-converted try.

The highlight of the game for Bob, I think was when he met Flinty, the Gunners Mascot.

Here he is with Flinty, with an empty Murrayfield behind them! They only sold tickets for the West Stand tonight. I guess there was about 2.5-3 thousand there tonight and the stadium holds about 67,000. Having said that when The Gunners had the ball you would have thought the crowd was bigger!

Here are a couple of more pix from the game!

An Edinburgh Gunners lineout

and a scrum.

As you can gather a good time was had by all! I don't think there will be a kids rugby entry for a couple of weeks,as I won't be there. I am off doing a SRU "First Aid" course. I need the certificate so I can administer first aid, as needed at the club. This means I'm covered by the clubs insurance should I make a bad call!

I guess I'll need to get knitting then, so I can blog with knitty stuff........mmmmm! Maybe I need to finish some stuff off, so I can take pix of FO'S!

Till next time, happy knitting....Or at least be happy!!


Blogger Robin said...

I'm learning! When's my first test?
I hope Robert had a good looks like he did!

12:26 pm  
Blogger ra said...

well done Gunners!

3:25 pm  
Blogger Batty said...

Fabulous! Looks like someone had a great time.

6:25 pm  

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