Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Edinburgh has a New Yarn Shop

Yipeeeeee, Edinburgh has a new yarn shop. McAree Brothers officially opened on Monday at 19 Howe Street, just a 5-10 min walk from Edinburgh's Princes Street. (on the link for Howe Street, Howe Street is the street that runs top to bottom on the far left of each picture)

McAree Brothers also have shops in Falkirk and Stirling and a great online store. I have bought some things from their online store and was very impressed with the service.

I came straight from the night shift and met up with Spinningfishwife for the doors opening at 09.30am!!! The parking was a bit of a beggar at that time, it being in the centre of Edinburgh's New Town, but after driving round for a while I found somewhere to park. The shop is on the corner of the street and has a big front window which allows plenty of natural light into the front of the shop. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera so no pix of the shop and its contents, at the moment. I will remember and take my camera the next time! Oh yes there WILL be a next time.

OK so what goodies did it have, well there was plenty to choose from - Rowan, Jaegar, RYC, Regia, Gedifra, Wendy, Sirdar, Patons, Sublime, Twilleys of Stamford and an other called Alpaca (I think!). I'm sure I have missed some, but I'll make notes next time I visit! (Most of the yarns you can see if you click onto the McAree link above!) They had a good selection of really scrummy yarns....Ones that were wonderfully soft to touch! They had some basic baby yarns and some fun fur type yarns as well as Patons moonglow and spirit, Sirdar click chunky and curly wurly, Jaegar baby merino, fur, natural fleece and pure silk DK,Wendy's knitit, Regia stretch, as well as 4 and 6 ply sock yarns, Gedifra fashion trend gold, fashion trend stripe and kerenina, Twilleys of Stamford freedom and my favourite Sublime, cashmere/merino/silk DK, cashmere/merino/silk aran, extra fine merino wool DK and kid mohair. As I said earlier there was an amazing alpaca one which I have forgotten the name of. They also had a good selection of patterns, needles etc.

Now for the pix of my purchases!

I bought 3 balls of Sublime cashmere/merino/silk double knitting to make a scarf for ME. I just could not resist this yarn.....It is so so so soft!

This is the scarf. It is called The little zig scarf and it is from the Sublime pattern leaflet number 6002. It should be knitted in the Sublime extra fine merino wool DK, but as I said I couldn't resist the cashmere/merino/silk mix.

Now for the boring bit as Purlpower puts it!! The Sublime used for the scarf is a mix of 75% extra fine merino, 20% silk and 5% cashmere. The ball is 50g with 116m/127 yards per ball and knitted on 5mm rosewood needles (that's optional!). The shade is 011 or clove. (Looks pale lilac to me!!) Hand wash, dry flat and reshape while wet. Here endeth the boring bit!!!

I really like this pattern and it is knitting up really quickly. Only thing is it will need to be blocked when finished so you can get the full effect of the pattern. I can hardly wait to wear it!


Blogger PURLPOWER said...

That's the first knitted up Sublime that I've seen and I likes the look of it greatly. Lovely stuff.

12:34 pm  
Anonymous mazzam said...

That sublime is isn't it? sublime I mean. We saw it at the knitting and stitching show but I didn't know what I wanted. Must be better prepared when we go to Harrogate!

3:54 pm  
Blogger gourdongirl said...

Yes the Sublime is sublime. It is really nice to knit with. I will definately be buying more of it.

4:50 pm  

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