Friday, September 22, 2006


WARNING.........This is a minor rant!

Why do pedestrians refuse to use pedestrian crossings?

I ask this question coz this morning I had to do 2 emergency stops as I drove along the High Street due to people walking out between parked cars. This really pissed me off, as it's not as if we have no pedestrian crossings there!!!!

I live in a relatively small town on the East Coast of Scotland and the main shopping part of the High Street is only approx 2/10ths of a mile long. (I know that coz I measured it this morning when I drove along through it!) In that space there are 7 sets of traffic lights, each with a pedestrian crossing, BUT do people use them?.........Do they hell as like!

gg is not exactly a "happy bunny" about this. However, not only did I encounter pedestrians with a "death wish", there was also 2 silly beggars who did "U" turns without warning in front of me. I think they must have let the "Lunatics out of the Asylum" this morning, coz it was bedlam in the High Street!!!!!!!!

Here endith my rant!


Blogger Robin said...

I'm with you!! Maybe if they get hit they'll begin using them??!

1:03 pm  
Anonymous Susann said...

Oh how I hate that! Especially old people with walking aids crossing the street next to a RED traffic light!

3:25 pm  
Anonymous mazzam said...

Isn't it funny though how once you get one silly begger a whole lot of others follow. I had a close call this morning coming out of work some prat who was parked at the side of the really narrow entrance suddenly pulled out - Yikes- pulled up so sharpe my bag of gobi berries spilled on the floor.

9:17 pm  
Blogger mmStyle said...

Oh, shonze, you should come to Korea. THe drivers here are insane. I kid you not. They honk to let you know (sometimes they honk) that they are going to run a red light! The rule of thumb here is that pedestrians have no rights, if my front end was here first I have the right of way and the bigger you are, the more right you have to do whatever you wnat (ie, bus drivers).

It has put things in new perspective for me, to say the least!

12:41 am  

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