Monday, September 25, 2006

O is for Ouch!

That's what I was saying this morning when I bit down into my cinnamon and raisin bagel!

I had broken one of my back teeth and it was causing me major pain. Nothing else for it, but to phone my dentist.....Now I HATE dentists, so it had to be pretty bad to have me pick up the phone. Luckily?, for me I could be seen today.

Oh boy, I was not looking forward to that. So off I went, shaking and quaking inside. I just knew it was going to be a BIG job. And a big job it was! After 3 shots of Novocaine I was still feeling it, so had to get a 4th! Nothing is simple in my life at the moment, or at least that's what it seems! As soon as the dentist applied pressure the whole tooth crumbled. Even the dentist was cussing under his breath! It was that bad I thought he was going to have to put his knee on my chest for leverage to get the tooth out, but thankfully no, he just need the help of an other dentist!

Cut a long story short and miss out all the gorey bits, the tooth eventually came out. Hell the roots were that twisted they looked like a gnarly old tree. Now I'm left with a mouth that's all cut to bits and a very sore jaw and face, which the dentist informed me will be even worse tomorrow, prolly with lots of bruising to my face. Wonderful!

Thankfully I have cool gel packs in the fridge and plenty of painkillers. Think I'll need them if I'm to get any sleep!

It wouldn't be so bad but I was there last week with Robert, who broke 2 teeth and needed to get them filled, and next week we are all scheduled for our 6 monthly check up. I guess my pay check will be going straight to the dentist!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That must have been one helluva bagel!
When it rains is pours! I'm so sorry this happened...a good Scotch every once and a while helps! If nothing else you go numb! But of course you could give Robert this remedy!
I'm thinkin' about ya!

6:33 pm  
Blogger Rosie said...

Ouch. I'm a fellow dentistphobe. Have been putting off going (not been for 3 years) as I was told that next time the filling came out of one particular tooth, the tooth would have to come out. The filling is virtually gone, the tooth has a jagged edge that is cutting my tongue. Still I lack the courage to go. But as you've been such a brave girl, perhaps I should rethink!

6:47 pm  

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