Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Oh boy.........More sport!

The boys have just started to play basketball with the Peregrines on a Tuesday after school, at the local sports centre. This was Ronan's second week and Robert's first. They go along with Spinningfishwives son, Duncan and an other friend called Lewis. They all seem to enjoy it, and at the end of the day its good exercise and that can't be bad! They have a game on Friday 13th October, so hope its lucky for them!

I guess I'll need to go read up on the rules etc of this game, as I haven't a clue, never having played it!!!!! Goodness knows where the boys get there "sporting genes" from, must be their dad as it certainly isn't me!!!!! Having said that David is quite sporty, he plays badminton and tennis and my dad, brother and nephew all play/played football, so I suppose the gene is there somewhere. I got the "craft gene" from my mum, as she is a wonderful knitter and makes beautiful cards!!!!!

At least the kit won't be muddy and we wont get wet while watching a game!


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