Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm forever blowing bubbles!

I couldn't resist taking some pix of the boys blowing bubbles in the bath, they were having so much fun!

They were having competitions to see who could blow the biggest one! I think it was a close run thing!!!!

BTW Ronan will be totally mortified if he knew I was posting about this, certainly won't do his "Street cred" any good!


Blogger Marianne said...

Those photos are wonderful...

10:26 am  
Blogger Batty said...

That's a very cool bubble!

He'll get over it. I remember being embarrassed by just about everything my parents did, and then I grew up. If this is the worst picture you have to show to his prom date, he's one lucky kid!

2:09 pm  
Blogger spinndiva said...

oooh bubblesbubblesbubbles!
nice bubbles!
sweet pic!
one day, when he has kids he will understand ;)

6:30 pm  
Blogger Robin said...

AAAAHHH...blackmail photos! I have some myself I used while the boys were in school...threatened to have them blown up to poster size! So much fun....
Great bubbles!

1:02 pm  
Blogger ra said...

that is not kind, tee hee!

10:30 am  
Blogger Emily said...

Haha I can foresee these photos reappearing around their 18th birthdays. Fantastic blackmail material!

3:49 pm  

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