Monday, February 19, 2007

What's on your fridge?

I was looking at my fridge the other day and wondered what other people have on theirs?

As you can see, in amongst all the finger prints, there are several pictures of the kids, numerous magnets, postcard from Stonehaven and a Mothers day award that I got from Robert last year.

On the freezer at the bottom, there is magnetic dominoes, letters and numbers that the kids love to play with and occasionally leave me messages!


Blogger The Knit Nurse said...

Your fridge is way more interesting than ours. We do have postcards though. Put a couple of photos on my blog to satify your curiosity. Hope you're feeling better.

11:10 am  
Blogger Rosie said...

We've got a fridgeful of magnets. the best one is an Australian anti-waste one that says "Don't be a tosser". have to confess to finding great amuseument in moving one of the other magnets now and then and strategically placing it so that the Australian message reads: be a tosser. Little things!

Just today have added a charming-in-akitsch-sort-of-way shopping list pad (with magnetic back) from the People's Friend magazine. (Which I love! Have won prizes for my knitting from might be rather biased...)

7:50 pm  
Blogger Robin said...

We have a fridge full of magnets! Everytime we go somewhere I'll buy a *memory magnet* something with a pretty picture on it!

7:57 pm  
Blogger spinndiva said...

Oh your fridge is nice! I hope you are feeling better now...
I will put up a pic of our fridge...

3:54 pm  
Blogger Rosie said...

ps sorry to hear you won't be at SkipNorth this year, but hope you have a wonderful family celebration!

7:27 pm  
Blogger Batty said...

So much more interesting than my collection of coupons!

1:47 pm  
Blogger Marianne said...

Oh, I love it!
A few months ago I took some photos of our fridge, thinking some day when there's absolutely nothing I want to 'write' about I'd put one up.
With the very same question!

2:17 pm  

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