Monday, April 16, 2007

Proud moments!

What a weekend THAT was! Brilliant rugby, brilliant kids, brilliant sunshine.

We all arrived back to Musselburgh late last night, rather bruised, battered, weary and hoarse!

Here are the under 9's (in the front row), with Robert second from the left. Behind them are the under 11's with Ronan about the middle of the picture. We were all waiting patiently for the tournament to be officially opened.

The kids had their first games of rugby on Saturday. The first to kick off were my under 9's team, and boy did they play. They came together as a team and played like demons. They won all their games on Saturday which meant they won their group and had a place in the semi-final of the cup on the Sunday. Unfortunately they lost and didn't get into the final. They won the playoff and got bronze medals. Not bad for their first ever away tour. Played 4, won 3, lost 1.

The P4 (under 9's) team with their bronze medals.

Back row - Tim and Stuart (the other coaches)
Middle row - Fraser, Michael, Ross and Douglas.
Front row - Greg, Joe, Robert and Max.

The under 10's won all their games and came back to Musselburgh with the biggest cup I have ever seen! Goodness knows where we will put it as the trophy cabinet isn't big enough! Played 5, won 5.

The under 11's, that's Ronan and Duncan's team played really well and managed to get into the final of the cup, unfortunately they lost it. But they put up a brave performance and come away with the consolation of being the only team to score a try against the opposition for the whole tournament!!!! They all received a small trophy for being in the final. Played 5, won 4, lost 1.

One of the proudest moments of my life happened on Sunday, when I watched Ronan (6th from the front in the blue and white) being piped on to the field for the final of the cup. I, along with several of the other parents were all choked up with tears at this point. Goodness knows what I'll be like if he ever gets to Murrayfield!!!!

The under 12's had a really tough time. Their squad was depleted before they even left due to injury and most of the 11 guys who did manage to go on tour were also carrying injuries. They play 10 a side so that left only 1 sub. I spent most of my time during their matches patching up the wounded and sending them back on to play. They played 6, won 3, drew 1 and lost 2. They also came home with a bronze medal.

A brilliant performance from all the kids who took part. This was the biggest tournament we had ever been in and all the coaches and parents of all the kids involved are really proud of them.

Today I am tired and coming down from a huge adrenaline rush. I have sore feet from walking goodness knows how many miles up and down the touch line shouting encouragement to all the Musselburgh teams. I have a sore throat from shouting and singing and a sore left ankle and right knee from when I fell getting on the bus before we even left for the tournament!

As I said at the beginning, WHAT a weekend that was!

BTW, I am glad to be home to a decent bed!


Blogger Robin said...

AWESOME--AWESOME--AWESOME!! Way to go Ronan & Robert!!

2:23 am  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you still recovering? Well Done boys!

I feel really bad that you didn;t get a proper package in March. It is just about ready to send now and will be posted 1st class on saturday morning so you should have it by tuesday at the latest.

Now, I need to know if there is anything in particular you have been desiring, yarny or not. Perhaps you could blog 5 wants for me?

Take care
Me x

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