Thursday, January 31, 2008

The dreaded "lurge"!

Yup, thats what gg's house has been full of this week!

Robert took ill on Saturday, complaining of a sore throat and generally feeling ill, things got worse and he missed his rugby training on Sunday. (He must have been bad, coz he misses THAT for nothing. He broke his arm a couple of years ago and would have even played with that had I let him!!!!) He has been off school all week, with sore throat, high tempratures and sore, achy bones......The flu! Unfortunately for Bob, he didn't feel up to celebrating his 9th birthday on Tuesday either, so hopefully once he is better we will have a belated birthday tea for him.

Ronan managed school on Monday, but I got a phonecall from the school gates to come and collect him as he wasn't fit to play guessed it.....The flu, too! He has also been off school all week and won't be there tomorrow either, much to his disappointment as he was due to swim in the finals of the front crawl and relay team for the P7 school team tomorrow morning. He is really upset about this, but no way is he fit enough to do it, he has lay on the couch most of the week and hardly eaten a thing (not like him!!!!)

Lets hope thay are both feeling better on Sunday so they can enjoy a joint birthday treat....we are off to Murrayfield to watch Scotland V France in their opening game of the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament 2008.


Blogger Robin said...

Oh No....I hope you all get to feeling better, it's going around here too. Miss Julia is coming down with something!

7:59 pm  
Blogger ambermoggie said...

hope you all feel better soon and thank you for the fabulous parcel:))
BTW not sure you know or not Lidl have rugby clothes etc in this week. leastways down here in lancs

8:29 pm  
Anonymous bordertart said...

hope you all better soon a like to drop by and read your blog am going to murrayfield sunday too hope its not too cold av put knitting on hold

6:10 pm  
Anonymous bordertart said...

soz meant to say am from berwick go bebo bordertart my daughter got me on that. thats me n got web jus so you know am who a am drop me a msg sometime we have similar interests thanks

11:11 pm  

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