Friday, January 18, 2008


I'm really tired today, but its worth it! I was working last night, but stayed up this morning as Ronan and some of his class mates were swimming in the heats for the East Lothian schools swimming gala. Lewis, his best friend was also swimming and they both had a good swim, both were swimming in the front and back crawl heats and both won their heats. It will all depend on their times who will be going through to the final in a couple of weeks. They also had a team in the relay, Lewis had the 3rd leg and took them from a close second to first equal and Ronan had the final leg and won for their team by more than half a length. They all swam brilliantly.

Well done boys, see you in the finals in 2 weeks time, if my nerves can stand it!!

Now I'm off to work.......... Thankfully I'm off tomorrow and will be able to catch up on my sleep, well some of it anyway.... the first XV are playing away tomorrow and we plan to go watch!

No pix of the swimmers as you aren't allowed to take pix in the sports centre....Child protection.


Blogger blueadt said...

Welcome to my world!

Socks are great for poolside knitting but once you've qualified as a Time Keeper galas are no longer good knitting opportunities :(

7:21 pm  
Blogger Batty said...

Sounds like fun. And I fully support the no pictures at activities with children rule. It saves everybody so much trouble and takes the ambiguity out of a possibly questionable situation - you catch someone taking pictures, you know they shouldn't have been (as opposed to guessing whether or not they were up to no good).

2:18 pm  

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