Sunday, January 27, 2008

Page 161?

OK I know this is a strange title for a blog entry, but all will be revealed soon!

I was catching up with my blog reading this afternoon.....Yes I know its Sunday afternoon and gg isn't at the rugby! Robert isn't well(must be bad if he didn't feel up to going to the rugby, this from a boy who would have played with a broken arm, had I let him!), he has a very sore throat and temp so I've stayed at home with him and DH has taken Ronan to rugby. Having said that I had been up at 7am to take Ronan to swimming this morning so DH (bless him) thought I could just "veg" for a few hours!!!!! He probably wants a pint at the rugby club more like!

Anyway, getting back to my title...... As I said I was catching up on blog reading and whilst reading Robin's blog I found this and coz I'd been reading it, I was "tagged" to do "Glimpse of what you're reading", this is where you turn to page 161 of the book you are currently reading and copy out the 5th sentence on the page.

So here goes.........
"At least my chilblain-covered fingers were testament to the fact that I really didn't like the cold."

OK, so what am I reading..... "Bloodletting, A true story of secrets, self-harm and survival" by Victoria Leatham.

I have always liked reading "true-life" books with a mental health topic, I suppose 20+ years working in this field has left me with a curiosity about how mental health issues are dealt with by the person themselves and the professionals trying to help them. I find some of the books I have read actually more informative than the official textbooks! Over the years I have worked with many people who have a history of self-harm and I suppose never having experienced this first hand (and thankfully never having had the urge to do so)I find it difficult to understand the compulsion to do it. I must admit, so far, this book is helping me to gain some insight into why people self-harm.

I'm not going to specifically tag anyone to do this, but if you want to do it, feel free!


Blogger Robin said...

Interesting!! Sort of funny to read the sentence without knowing what book it's from.
Hope Robert is feeling better soon!!

2:58 pm  
Blogger Batty said...

That's so interesting! I think I need to do this one. I was briefly a psych major in college, and these kinds of books (be they about depression, multiple personalities, anorexia, or self-mutilation) were always making the rounds. I found them a lot more interesting than the bad romance novels that circulated when I was a history grad student!

11:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked in the mental health industry for over a decade, high lighted by my favorite classroom-a childrens psych unit. I have never self mutilated, but I have worked with alot of teens who do. The way it works (as I understand it) is there is a build up of stress and pressure that they "release" through this behavior. One child quoted the black crows song "She talks to angels" and the line was-"she smiles when the pain comes, pains gonna make it all right.". Several teens told me that the pain of the cutting or self abuse allows them to focus on that--instead of all the stress and pressure. That for a few blissful seconds, they are focusing on something else. Unfortunately, as soon as the pain begins to subside or they start to adjust to that pain, the stress begins to build again, immediately. Its a horrible circle, but also alot alike with anorexia. They get a charge out of being the one to control their bodies. The secrecy adds its own mix of pleasure and guilt as well.
All of the elements together become an addictive cycle these children just dont have the knowledge to break themselves, without help.
I'm with batty on the reading of these types of books, I am fascinated with multiple personalities (I HAD ONE ON THE PSYCH UNIT) and the other self destructive behaviors. I love psychology--its just so endlessly interesting!!! cheers-tonna11

9:24 pm  

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