Friday, December 07, 2007

All went well.......I think!

Well THE date has been and they are all still talking to each other!! After numerous phone calls between the kids it was all eventually arranged!!! Louise's mum would give them lunch then take them to the movies and I would collect them.

Met Ronan at the school gate, he handed me his school bag and I handed him his bag with his change of clothes, hair gel and under arm smelly stuff!!!!Then the 4 of them walked up the hill to L's for lunch.

I was waiting at the allotted time outside the cinema when the boys came out.....NO girls! On asking they said the girls were getting a lift from someone else.....Wasn't happy with that, so being the "responsible" parent I phoned Louise's mum and sure enough A's mum was picking the girls up. I hung around till I saw them leave the cinema with said parent.

The boys were quite chatty about it all in the car and it all seems to have gone well. The laugh of it was L's twin sister C went too, so there were 5!!

gg has been Xmas shopping for "pink" things!!!!Hope we get back to normal after all the parties, this is doing my head in!!!!


Blogger Robin said...

Oh did GG fair through all of it??

7:04 pm  
Blogger Batty said...

Take a deep breath. This, too, will pass! : )

2:56 am  

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