Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bemused and Bewildered!

I'm not really sure how I feel.

Ronan came home from school yesterday with an invite to a birthday party. Nothing unusual with that, he gets loads of party invites throughout the year. But this one was to twin girls! (He has known them since nursery, so nothing unusual there either, except he doesn't really speak about them and they aren't in his usual circle of friends)However on further questioning, it transpires he has been invited coz one of L and C's friends is Ronan's girlfriend. Yes GIRLFRIEND, first I'd heard of a girlfriend.........Don't worry at this announcement gg took lots of deep breaths!! Well it is Christmas dance time, I suppose! Last year he took a girl called A, he's taking the same girl this year. However there has been no mention of A between the Christmas party's!!!! No big deal I thought. That was yesterday.....All change today when he came home from school.

Ronan announced he was taking A to the movies tomorrow after school, in a foursome with Spinningfishwifes son Duncan and his girlfriend, L (one of the twins mentioned earlier!)There followed numerous phone calls between Duncan and A to arrange things. I sat listening to all this in a bemused and bewildered silence. In fact I was frightened to open my mouth in case I laughed out loud. (The conversations were really funny!!). I thought it was all arranged then Duncan phoned to say they were all going to L's house after school for lunch. At this point I thought it better to confirm this arrangement so phoned L's mum. She is as bemused as I am, but has been through the "first date" scenario before, so she was able to put me right on a few things!!!

Oh well I guess I'd better add a girlie present on to my Christmas pressie buying list, so he better not dump her before Christmas! However I have never seen Ronan like this he is all excited and been in the bathroom experimenting with gel on his hair and trying to decide what clothes to wear and where he would change since they are going right to L's after school.........decisions, decisions!

Away at school camp last week, first dates this week. I guess he's just growing up and I'd better get used to it! gg is on a VERY steep learning curve, I think!


Blogger Robin said...

Oh my....Ronan better be glad that I'm an ocean away, or he'd have a spy following him around!
GG~~my thoughts are with you!

8:42 pm  
Blogger Alison said...

i'm *so* glad I have my friends to go through all this before me!
do keep us posted, ok?

10:32 pm  

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