Thursday, February 07, 2008

Good and Bad stuff!

The good stuff!
I've been meaning to blog about this for a few weeks but the batteries in the camera died and then life got in the way and I forgot to take the pix. So now I have finally managed to get round to taking the pix of the wonderful package I recieved from my Knitty SP10 spoiler.

2 skiens of knit Picks Gloss in "Dusk" colourway.It is oh so soft and I can't wait to knit sox from it....not sure which pattern yet.

She also sent laminated instructions on knitting toe-up socks, a pen so I can mark what size I'm doing and a wonderful "smelly" (lavender) bag for my knicker drawer. (Well thats where it has landed up!)

More good stuff!

On the 29th Jan Bob turned 9. Here he is with his birthday cake. He looks really pale, he had the flu and really wasn't feeling well at all, but made the effort coz it was his birthday!!!! (Bless) You can see Ronan lying on the couch, he also had the flu. Both boys spent most of the week in bed, sipping on water and sucking on ice cubes!Thankfully they are back to normal now.

Bad stuff.
Well coz Ronan had flu he unfortunately was unable to swim for the school. Much to his annoyance and disappointment. Even if he had gone back to school on the friday, he was in no fit state to swim, nevermind in a competition.

Even more bad stuff.
Crash bang's the picture!
After spending £100's to get the car running smoothly some stupid *bleep* of a woman goes and does this to my car! I am not best pleased as the insurance are not going to pay to fix it as they say it isn't worth it.Thankfully the car is still road worthy and goes, so I will have the option to keep the car and just live with the bumps and scrapes all along the side of the car. As I'm skint, I guess thats what I'll have to do!

So what happened?
Well it happened on Sunday night as I was going to the chip shop to get dinner (we had just come back from the rugby and were hungry!) As I was manouvering into the side of the road to park the car, I had just passed the front of her car when crash bang wallop........she had decided to pull out without looking! Now she is trying to blame me?????? Goodness knows how she has come up with that when she actually admitted it was her fault! Hey the insurance companies can work that one out. I did contact the police, but coz both cars were driveable and no-one was injured they wouldn't come out. I'll keep you posted as to the outcome of this little adventure!


Blogger Robin said...

Nice yarn!

Happy Belated B-day Robert!!

Sorry to hear about your car, my truck is in surgery for the next 15 days.

Still no news yet...I'll let you know as soon as I know!

12:27 am  
Blogger Spinningfishwife said...

Well, if you will sneak up beside people in your 100% invisible car.....;-)

Seriously, it's a PITB when that happens. Be grateful it wasn't like my encounter with my brain-dead female driver who wrote my stationary car off by hitting it when they were parking in the twenty foot gap in front. Come to think of it, it might have been the same person as hit you? Yellow frizzy perm?

12:03 pm  

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