Saturday, February 16, 2008

An other year older.....

But I don't think he's any wiser!!!

Yes, today sees number 1 son, Ronan turn 12 years old!!!!

It certainly doesn't seem like 12 years since he was born! And looking at him today its hard to believe that he was only 3lb 11oz when he arrived into the world and spent the first 10 days of his life in a special care baby unit!!!

On to other stuff........look what Robert gave me for Valentine's day!

He can never resist buying me sheepy stuff when he sees it! Bless him!

DH and I decided not to buy cards and pressies this year, mainly coz I had spent the few days leading up to Valentine's in bed with flu and couldn't get out to buy anything!

I've also been busy knitting and have knitted 2 pairs of sox so far this month, but there are no pix yet as they are a "secret". Pix will be posted once they recipiants have recieved said sox!


Blogger Robin said...

Happy Birthday Ronan!!! One more year and it's official~~you'll be a teenager!

12:06 am  
Anonymous Jack said...

Congratulations, and Happy Birthday Ronan. Tell Mom thanks for website comment. Jack

2:37 am  
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