Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting "studded" IS sore!!

Believe me when I tell you getting "studded" in rugby (or football) is extremely sore!Never again will I tell the boys, "oh come on its only a scrape". How do I know its sore? Please don't laugh when I tell you. Well I now know first hand as it happened to me on Sunday!No I wasn't playing rugby......I'm stupid but not THAT stupid!(and anyway I'm far too old and unfit to do that). OK I digress. Ronan and his team had 2 games of rugby on Sunday, so the loyal band of supporters(parents)were in their usual place on the touchline, when one of our really fast wingers was on a try scoring run when one of the opposition decided to "take him out". Unfortunately I was too slow to get out of the way, as I was sitting on my camping chair, due to a work injury to my hip, and couldn't get up in time! The player came charging like an express train towards our player, which he managed to tackle. Unfortunately the momentum kept him going and he hit me on both legs with the studs on his boots. I now have a "beautiful", huge purple and blue bruise with a cut down the middle on my right calf and a smaller, but equally "beautiful" bruise on the left shin. I did try to take a pic, but none of them did justice to the state of my legs!!!! After I got over the shock and the strain of stopping myself from crying, I managed to laugh about it! I actually felt sorry for the player who "took me out" as he was mortified at what he had done....bless!

Anyway as a side note, Ronan and his merry band won both their games 23:3 and 24:3. Well done to them!


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