Saturday, November 08, 2008

Lest We Forget, Part 3

This poem is very personal to me, as it was written about my great uncle, by Alex Craig,one of his friends. My great uncle, William Cargill was killed in action on board HMS Canarvon Castle on 5th Dec 1940, he was 24 years old. He was the second youngest son of William and Margaret Cargill of Gourdon. They also lost their youngest son, John Gove Freeman Cargill on 5th Nov 1939, aged 20 years. he was killed in action on HMT Northern Rover, which was sunk by a German U boat.

Fraternal Memorandum By Alex Craig.

My heart is sad and full of grief
In my eye there springs a tear
When I remember my old pal,
A friend I loved so dear.

It was on board the Carnarvon Castle
Down South Atlantic way
He was killed by a piece of flying shell
And buried at sea that day.

It seems so hard, but it’s true
We will ne’er see him again
They buried him in a watery grave
Somewhere on the Raging Main.

He was so young and full of life,
An ideal blooming rose.
That flower was plucked while in the bud
And now rests in sweet repose.

There will always be a spot, dear Bill,
Left in my heart for you.
The world may, but I’ll ne’er forget
A pal so good and true.


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Beautiful poems!!

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