Thursday, November 06, 2008

Lest We Forget, Part 2

I have chosen an other poem about war and how it efects everyone....just like the ripples in the pond. This one is about the aftermath of war and how it effects the soldiers.

The Tears I Shed by Chris Woolnough

God knows the silent tears I've shed
For the war in my heart and in my head
Through hollowed eyes that speak of sorrow
Of my yestaerdays and my tomorrow
The tears I shed, they are of truth,
The loss of innocence, the loss of youth.
Tears of a soldier that witnessed war
Through eyes that changed for ever more
They are the cross that I must bare
For the part of me that I left there.
I lost my soul up on that hill
Can't forgive the things I know God will
Tears for freedom that I will never see
For the guilt that lives inside of me
The tears I shed, they are of grief
For the lives in which I was the thief
Tears for the ones I couldn't save
For all the heros in their grave
For all the boys that were left behind
Tears for the peace, i cannot find
Tears of agony, Tears of shame
Tears of misery, Tears of blame
I cheated death and wonder why,
I did not live, I did not die
Because I answered the battle call
For what I've seen, i shed them all
A shattered man, That will not let
Myself forgive or forget.

We remember the soldiers who are killed, and rightly so, but often we forget about the soldiers who came back from the various Theatres of War and we forget how that horrific experience effects them for the rest of their lives.

At this time of remeberance, I remeber them too.


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