Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Updates and goings on................

One down and one to go....Robert kindly leant me his foot for this photo....need to be fair as the boys would fight as to who was the "model"!!!!!!!!

Here is Ronan playing Rugby for Musselburgh Mini's P5 team against Portobello Mini's P5 team. Ronan is the one in the blue and white (blue gloves) standing 4th from the left, kinda in the "V" of Portobello players.

Robert has just started to play soccer on a Saturday morning for the Musselburgh Young he is in goals for his first away game last Saturday. He made a great save which meant they won the game. He was really pleased to have been picked as this was just his second week with the team.

Here is Robert playing Rugby for Musselburgh Mini's P3 team on Sunday against Portobello Mini's P3 team. He was on his way to score at try at this point.

Hair today and gone tomorrow.........
Both boys were desperately needing their hair cut, Much to their horror I was threatening to put ribbons in it when they played rugby to keep it out of their eyes. However I took out the hair clippers last night and did the needful. Much better and easier kept.

Yes that is my finished shawl on the back of the sofa!!!!!


Blogger Katherine said...

What a beautiful sock, and what beautiful sons you have! Thank you for the comment on my blog, it is much appreciated. I notice that not only do you like folk music, but you are an Eva Cassidy fan. I love her voice, too!

7:23 pm  

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