Monday, April 24, 2006

The week that was!

As I had said in a previous post I had been troubled with back problems which had kept me confined to the chair for most of last week. Well as you can imagine that was just wonderful for the knitting, I got lots of stuff finished. I have already told you the sockpalooza sock saga so I don't need to say more on that, except the second pair was finished and the third pair was done too, as well as a knitted elephant!

This elephant, complete with wooly jumper and "kilt" was part of a birthday present to my friend "Spinning Fishwife's husband who turned 50 on Sunday. It was knitted as a joke, as he has a collection of elephants that he has seemingly amassed over the years, but despite this it appears he doesn't really like them!!! Also he is always teasing us about our knitting so really I had to knit something for him, and an elephant seemed a good idea! According to Spinning Fishwife, whom I met for coffee earlier today he appears to be bemused by it and has it sitting beside his computer!

I also started to crochet a scarf as part of my last package to my secret pal, but as I have left it in the car I do not have any photos of it as yet. But I will try and remember to take one before I send the package off. I know it will be a few days late, but last week was a disaster for me and I am all behind with collecting things together to send. However I have emailed my secret pal to inform her of this possible delay.

On the subject of my back, it appears to be greatly improved and I have acctually managed my first drug free day today!!!! Way hay, I'm not spaced out on medication today.....I've had to face the real world!!!!!! I ventured out for the first time on Saturday afternoon for a spot of lunch and some shopping (not grocery) I was really sore and tired, so tired infact that I had to get David to lift my leg into the car!!!! I then had a sleep for a couple of hours then got organised and went out to Spinning Fishwife's husbands birthday bash, where I spend all night sitting drinking diet coke..... but I had a great time, and no hangover on Sunday morning for me!


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