Tuesday, July 25, 2006

All things stripey!

A dear friend from knittyboard has just had a significant birthday and graduated from High School so I thought I would send her a belated surprise pressie (and hopefully it arrives this time!!!!! The one I sent in January still hasn't arrived and the UK post office has no trace of it.....So goodness knows where it went, but she certainly didn't get it!!!!!!!!)

Ages ago I promised her a pair of "tigger" sox to keep her toes toastie in the winter....... Well I wonder if these are "tigger" enough for her? They are knitted with Opal Tiger self patterning yarn and certainly look more like a tiger than I thought they would, coz the ones I knitted with the Opal Zebra yarn didn't really turn out like a zebra!!!!

When I was in my local bead shop earlier this week looking for beads for the stitchmarker swap, I spied these round "tigger" beads, so I just had to make her a set of "tigger" stitchmarkers to send with the sox.

OK so blogger has now allowed me to upload my stitchmarker swap pics.

(l to r)blue/green twisty glass bead with 2 smaller blue/green glass beads, 5 small lilac beads with a lilac flower, tigger striped large bead with 1 orange and 2 black glass beads, 2 purple/blue glass beads with 3 smaller purple glass beads, 2 blue and 2 pink small beads with 1 large smiley face flower bead.

(l to r) 2 elongated blue glass beads with a "rainbow" crystal bead, painted Indian wooden bead with small round wooden beads, amber, green and clear crystal beads, "petrol on water" rainbow tear drop bead and smaller round ones.

I hope to get all these packages out at the beginning of next week as I still have some small "surprises" to finish before posting!!!!!!!!


Blogger spinndiva said...

I love the tigger markers! they are so cute... !hope to see you in chat !

3:07 pm  

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