Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Bobday!

Today's post is especially for Robert, coz today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Robert, 8 years old today. It hardly seems any time at all since he was born. Where does the time go........LOL.

Here he is with his birthday cake.....a Caterpillar from Tesco! Well I have been working all week! (I know that's no excuse, but it was his choice, I did offer to
make one, but that's what he wanted.)

One of his presents was a wrestling ring for his WWE wrestlers. He actually wanted this for his Xmas, but unfortunately Santa was unable to find one, so we got him it for his birthday. He was really pleased and excited about it. However he had to wait to play with it, coz it needed to be constructed and DH said it was a beggar to do!

A bit about Robert, for those of you who don't know him. He is a very sensitive, helpful and creative little boy. Who can be shy at times, he does not like being out of his comfort zone, however once he feels comfortable in a situation he comes right out of his shell.

"Mummy's little helper"! He loves to help with the housework! Doesn't take that from me, as I hate housework!

Creative side.......He occasionally brings out his knitting and does a few rows, I'll take responsibility for that!!!! He also loves to draw pictures. Well his maternal grandfather is an artist!

This "angelic" child can not possibly be the same one that was covered from head to toe in mud in last weeks post!

I also have a special mention to make for Ronan as he was in a swimming gala for the Cubs on Saturday and got a certificate.

He got the certificate for winning the relay along with Isbella's son Duncan and 2 others, he also came second in the individual freestyle and got a third place in the medley relay, (he brought them back from last place and 3/4 length of the pool behind to reach third!). He has also been swimming for the school, and has reached the finals this Friday. Unfortunately I will not be there to watch, but he let me off since I got up out of my bed to go watch him on Saturday. Good luck Ronan and the rest of the Campie swimming team.

The boys also have a basketball game on Friday, so I will go along and watch before I go to work.


Blogger Nickerjac said...

Way to go Ronan and Happy Birthday Robert x

11:46 am  
Blogger Robin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT!! are going to run out of wall & shelf space for all the boys awards & trophies!! Way to go Ronan!!

3:17 pm  
Blogger Batty said...

Congratulations, you have a great kid.

Happy Birthday, Robert!

2:41 pm  

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